Social Network Graph

motherland strength love foreigners family substances collective violence system religion death race war nature history

negative positive

Social networking analysis is a method of tracking relationships. Implemented primarily in sociology, anthropology, and similar social sciences, it has here been applied to the references in our song corpus, to identify significant correlations in our data. The data below represents how major themes in our corpus interact. The size of each node is proportional to the overall frequency of that theme in the entire corpus. The thickness of the lines connecting those nodes correllates to the frequency of their co-occurrence. For example, you can easily see that "war" and "motherland" occur together frequently, while "love" and "strength" do so rarely; and "nature" and "history" never occur in the same song at all. Hover over any of the nodes to see an exaggerated view of all of its connections. As seen on the graph legend, the color of the nodes represents the authors' attitudes toward the particular subject; blue meaning strongly positive, and red strongly negative.

Please note: some of the references have been collapsed into supercategories-the expanded list can be viewed below. Click on any item to go to a page with examples of their usage.

The above graph was generated using Gephi.