The oldest and most extreme representative of Healthy Lifestyle Russian Rap is 25/17, which began as a solo project of Andrei Bledny, but now consists of 3 rappers. The group was originally called Ezekiel 25:17 after the Bible verse where the Lord declares vengeance on evildoers, as quoted in the movie Pulp Fiction. 25/17 ranks in the top 5 Russian rappers, along with Grot.

They began performing in Omsk in 2002, when American rap that had come to Russia in the 1990’s was just beginning to drift from its African-American roots and head in new directions. 25/17 pioneered the development of the patriotic sub-genre with the song “Be White,” which urged Russian rap fans not to imitate American rappers. This was in part an attempt to win over Neo-Nazi Skinheads who rejected rap as a legitimate genre.

A few years later, they founded Zasada Production, a music label that helped Grot and other similar artists build an audience. 25/17’s songs cover a wider variety of themes than Grot and Mavashi, including love songs along with the familiar healthy living, social and political criticism, and ethnic superiority propaganda.

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