On the list of the Top 5 in Russian Rap, Grot is a duo from the Siberian city of Omsk. They started in 2000 but did not release their first album until 2009, after they were already extremely popular. The next year they began collaborating with the group 25/17 on their next album, and have only recently become independent.

Growing up in a cold, dirty industrial city left nearly in ruins after the fall of the Soviet Union, the members of Grot realized as teens that the people around them had lost all hope in life and were stuck in a vicious cycle of addiction and dependence on harmful substances. They decided to not give up and try to bring change and hope through rap music. They believe that one day, the land of the Holy Rus’ will become a great world power once again.

Their website and social media sites are full of comments about how their music has changed lives. Like Misha Mavashi and 25/17, they emphasize healthy living and fighting against personal and societal weakness, and are known for their patriotism and Ultra-Right political standing. However, Grot’s music has a somewhat harsher sound and lyrical content. One of their most famous lines comes from the song Alkotester:
He who treats the Motherland like an outhouse
Will be re-educated or deported the f*** out.

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