I'm Russian

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As a guest, I behave as a guest should,
I respect the host - I leave when they ask.
I'm not tolerant, although I don't seethe with anger,
But this doesn't seem like Russia at allRussia.
It's offensive to be occupied on your own landhomeland,
It's offensive - I say "I'm Russian,"russian race and they call me a Nazi.
And I don't give a fuck, keep chatting on your computers,
It doesn't matter to you what country you're in or whose laws you have to live by.
My Orthodoxreligion Rus'slavic race, so hospitable,
Your holyreligion landhomeland is being trampled by the hooves of beastsimmigrants.
Reforms, crisesecon, and warswar— but you are strongstrength,
You will sustain the people with your determination, unlike the visionaries who try to
Accept a different system of values.
In exchange for these ideals we'll give up our freedom.
If they come in peace, we'll give them bread and water,
But to those who come with a swordimmigrants - you know what to do.

Remember: you're a guest, you're not at homeimmigrants.
How long must we endure this? How much longer?immigrants
You don't like to hear talk like this,
But don't touch the monasteryreligion with your regulations.

Russianrussian race visitors come to the capitalhome, to the Kursky Station.
First they started selling their food,other race
Now in the mornings, with their unintelligible accentsother race,
They harass us to buy their cheap phonesother race.
On the trains, tons of gypsiesother race with no morals
Offer to tell your fortune, picking your pocketother race.
They take your valuables, phones, and goldother race,
All the way from Reutova to Serp to Molothome,
I saw all this mayhem with my own eyes,
But nobody even tried to say anything to them.
And supposedly we're brothers, one for all and all for onecollective,
But in action their gut instinct somehow freezes up.
This isn't Moscowhome at all - it's some sort of international centerforeigners,
Everybody comes here as soon as they get a passport.
It doesn't matter where they work and for how much,
What matters is how many native citizensrussian race you'll find downtown.

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